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Dental emergencies can occur whether or not you regularly see a dentist. It can be anything from trauma to the mouth to a lost filling. Withers Dental reserves appointments each day for these types of unexpected scenarios. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, it is always best to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Why would you need an emergency dentist?

There are many reasons why you may need a reliable emergency dentist for yourself or a loved one. Whether your tooth has been chipped or you or your child has a serious toothache, Withers Dental offers emergency service to get your teeth back in the best possible condition as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a quick fix or you need follow-up treatment, we always offer prompt and reliable emergency dental Toowoomba services.

Accidents happen, and often they don’t happen within office hours. Our team at Withers Dental is equipped to handle all emergency dental care needs as they arise, including:

Broken or chipped teeth

Whether due to an accident or injury, a broken or chipped tooth can cause serious problems is left uncared for. Our expert dental team can provide treatment as soon as possible after the incident, using our expertise and knowledge to alleviate pain and ensure your teeth are secure as possible.

Severe toothache

Whether caused by an abscess or gum disease, a toothache can be a serious problem. Our emergency dental services allow you access to pain relief and treatments to resolve immediate issues before they become worse, preventing further infection and other problems down the line.

Lost crowns and fillings

While some lost crowns or damaged fillings can wait, others may need emergency attention to ensure no risk of infection. Our emergency dental services can ensure you’re not waiting around for a daytime appointment for treatment.

Emergency orthodontics

Painful, damaged braces may need careful removal, especially if they have snapped. Our out-of-hours service can ensure you get the care you need when you need it, with no need to wait for office hours.

Need emergency dental care? Call on 07 3067 4113 to access our out-of-hours services.

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Life is busy. That is why Withers Dental offers after-hours dental care. Our dentists and oral hygienists are committed to helping you achieve the best oral health possible at a time that suits you. Whether it be an emergency or simply a more convenient scheduling time, please do not hesitate to contact Withers Dental.

Led by Dr Andrew Withers, Withers Dental draws on 100 years’ collective experience, ensuring it operates like a well-oiled machine. This efficiency allows us to provide you with after-hours services in Toowoomba.


Gum disease and cavities are painful conditions, but they are preventable through consistent and proper oral hygiene. We are committed to providing personalised oral treatments in a comfortable setting and supportive environment. We offer guidance on how to prevent disease and decay and utilise state-of-the-art treatments for maintenance and repair.

Please contact our clinic for after-hours dental services such as cleaning, tooth repair, tooth whitening, or braces adjustment.

Ask our after-hours dentist how your child could be eligible for up to $1000 of free dental work through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Alternatively, we can assist you in financing your dental work through Gem Visa. Please ask our friendly reception staff about alternate payment options.