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The Withers Dental experience aims to deliver confidence and comfort to our patients from start to finish. We understand how much they appreciate a supportive environment, helpful advice, experienced staff and tailored treatment plans.

Withers Dental is a family-owned practice which has been passed down three generations. We are proud to say we have many long-time patients who have enjoyed our high-quality care and expertise since 1940. Our team thrives on patient care and support.

We provide comprehensive dental services including emergency care, family and paediatric dentistry, orthodontics (Invisalign and braces) and full mouth rehabilitation treatments, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and post-treatment maintenance.

Our practice offers the services of three professional and highly experienced dentists – each of whom was hired for their specific skills and patient care – and three skilled oral health therapists, one skilled hygienist. Our friendly support team is passionate about helping patients achieve the best possible results for their individual needs.

We aim to demystify dentistry. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to arm our patients with a clear understanding of their treatment options. If you’re looking for a quality dentist in Toowoomba, please call us on (07) 4659 9477.

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