Withers Dental Orthodontics for the Toowoomba Community

For the third time this month your child has come home in poor spirits. Over dinner, they shared with you what is happening. They are getting bullied at school due to their crooked teeth. The revelation sent you back in time. Instead of hearing all the horrible things their peers are saying, it reminds you of the brutal words flung at you because of your teeth’s misalignment. To this day, you avoid showing your teeth around strangers and can’t remember the last time you took a photograph with a full smile. It’s decided. It’s time to consider orthodontics in Toowoomba for both of you.

Ease Their Pain with Orthodontics for Children in Toowoomba

Withers Dental provides exceptional services in orthodontics for children in Toowoomba. The field of orthodontics in Toowoomba and around the world has experienced many advances. For one, orthodontics for children in Toowoomba avoids pulling teeth. We prefer working with the patient’s natural profile by considering how the lips and gums support the mouth and overall visual profile. Aside from the aesthetic improvement of braces treatments, braces can align the upper and lower jaws and make teeth straight to help alleviate and prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Your child may qualify for up to $1000 in dental services through Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you in making your application. Also, please remember our passion for oral health achieved through the alignment of teeth does not stop with children. Withers Dental focuses on orthodontics for adults in Toowoomba as well.

We’ll Help You Learn to Smile Again

Many still see childhood as the ideal time to have orthodontic work completed. The idea of an adult going around with a mouth full of metal wires can be a source of embarrassment and avoidance. We’re here to support you and quiet some of your anxieties. Orthodontics for adults in Toowoomba and around the world is on the rise. Every day, men and women are working to restore tooth and jaw alignments. This consumer demand has produced advances in realignment techniques. Invisalign has become a popular treatment used in orthodontics for adults in Toowoomba. This series of practically invisible aligners fit over your teeth to slowly straighten them and correct improper bites. You’ll have the freedom to take the aligners out for eating and cleaning allowing you to preserve the health of your teeth during the treatment. With traditional braces, food can get stuck in the wires and between teeth. Brushing does not always dislodge these foods particles which allow them cause decay to the wired tooth.

While payments are due at the time of your visit, there are many financing options, including Gem Visa (credit care), available to you. Our staff is happy to assist you in applying for these opportunities. Come into Withers Dental, and our friendly and highly qualified staff will assess your teeth and provide you with clear options for orthodontics for adults here in Toowoomba.